Alexandra Fortune: Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago

Join Alexandra Fortune as she sets out to find her missing grandfather! Unravel the age-old mystery of the Lunar Archipelago, a cluster of islands that contains remnants of every great civilization throughout history and hides a treasure of unimaginable worth. As you guide Alexandra through this thrilling Hidden Object quest, you'll solve ingenious puzzles, enjoy visually stunning locations and crack a mystery that has the potential to change the world!

Place the cabinet handle on the cabinet in the upper center of the scene. Mini Game- Fit all of the items into the crate. The bottle will go back into inventory as fresh water. Place the cup on the saucer on the counter. Place thunder on the LEFT statue. Place the wood pieces in the fireplace. Place the crate on the left side of the sand and the man will ask you to locate 7 items. If you see things that go together click on one then the other and if they combine they will do so immediately. You will be able to find all the items except one of the keys. From the inventory tray combine the research papers and the books. It has a good length, unless you are a speed player. NOTE — Many items in the right inventory panel can be combined before use in the scene.

Each time you click on a monkey one of the platforms will lower. The graphics, depicting tropical sceneries, jungle locales, pyramids, buddhist temples, are quite nice though not oustanding and the music pleasant. I gave up after the free trial time. There is quite a lot of humor. There are 30 chapters in this game, several Hidden Object scenes and some mini-games. For such a "little" game, it packs a dynamite punch! It isn't a bad game by far, just a little cartoonish and super simple which can easily become boring to an accomplished hogger, enjoy! Place the letters in the incomplete sign above the hut. Pour the hot water from the kettle on the coffee cup on the counter. The rope pieces are highlighted in purple. Drag all the items to the crate after all the items have been found. All hints start to recharge immediately and you have unlimited use of hints throughout the game. If you see a red highlight appear, it means that items are too close, find another spot for that item. If you see things that go together click on one then the other and if they combine they will do so immediately.

Place the tilt wand on the top right side of the blinds. The games and puzzles, by the way, were moderately difficult. You can actually place the gears on any metal axis. Once you find all of the items or pieces of the items, you then use those items accordingly. Place the other gear pieces on the right incomplete machine. Date published: From the inventory box combine the needle and the thread. On some occasions you will have to combine your inventory items together in order to use them. I loved all the little background details and the intricate ways of uncovering the various artifacts. Place the swinging balls on the other swinging ball contraption on the desk. Give the Duck to Jay. The empty bottle is in red. Your goal is to find the matching symbol on the opposite door.

Faire bon Alexandra Fortune: Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago travail femme menage

The red jaguar goes in the upper left. You will need to complete tasks with these items. Hint Button — If you get Autumn in France click on this button and it will start to spin and the item you are Fotune: for will highlight and you can not proceed until you click on the item. Place the code on the locking mechanism in the center of the door. I love the Samantha Swift games. This has done it one better. Each tile and spot on the steps will show you the name when you mouse over them. I will number the keys from 1 to 5, starting from the left. Once the hint button turns gray you are finished searching for items until you act upon the scene. Place the serpents in the location Lunwr on the screenshot in the lower right and a secret passage will open up on the left side of the wall. SpongeBob SquarePants Obstacle Odyssey 2 the rock on the wood post. Click on the left door to trigger a puzzle. I gave up after the free trial time. There is a third list of objects you must find in this section. This would actually be a fun game to play: Alexandra Fortune: Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago FROG Halloween Stories: Black Book means that you don't search for hidden objects, but that you receive a list of pictures, and you search for the fragments of it in the style of "The Treasures of Mystery Island".

The puzzles are fun to do. You will now have a mortar with herbs. Really beautiful game. He will get up and move to the right side of the scene. Then you will find a hammer and nails and the top boards to finish up the project. After all the items have been found you need to place them in the right spots on the pirate. Place the rock on the wood post. If you get stuck there is a clue feature in which you click on a magnifying glass and run it along the screen until you hit a hotspot which will give you a hint at the bottom of the screen. Place the completed sword on the ivy on top of the scene. Once all monkeys have been clicked, the water will drain out of the fountain. Place the key on the closed door. Each key you click affects another lock.

Click on all 4 marble posts after objects have been placed. Give the Duck to Jay. IMPORTANT NOTE — When you see the hint button turn gray but you still see there are items to Alexandra Fortune: Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago for in a scene, this means that you must use items in the inventory area somewhere on the scene where the remaining items may be behind, under or inside of. Place the completed handle in the scene as indicated by the sparkling area on the screen. Using Items in a Scene Items in the right hand side of the screen have been found in the hidden object scene and Sparkle Unleashed need to be used in the scene to proceed through the level. You will be taken back to the main map, click on the Play button in the lower right corner. The thread spool is in green. Click on the panels to trigger a mini-game. After you pick up all the tiles you have to place the tiles in the right spots on the steps. Many of the items will need to be combined before you use them in the scene. Click on the swinging balls to make them move. After all the items have been placed, click on the 2 serpents shown in the screenshot.


Alexandra Fortune - Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago

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  1. If you reproduce a sequence incorrectly, you will have to start over with a new sequence. Grab the potholder and place it on the kettle. Really beautiful game. Place the knife on the clam in the lower left. Place the brown tiles on the gold panel on the right.

  2. The puzzles are fun to do. The game has a quick tutorial at the beginning to show you how to navigate around the game. The blue jaguar goes in the upper right. Game is played for story completion. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by AdrianaIP from Little overlooked jewel In a setting in which games tend towards the ponderous and gloomy, where HOGS become just an irritation to the flow of the game, and where you can't understand why those things got together, and where backtracking, to the point of making you forget where things go, seems obligatory, this game is just unalloyed fun.

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