Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle

Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will be a challenge to the players' skills as they try to combine the various pieces of 90 puzzle backgrounds from successful adventure games. The game offers three single player modes: in "Search & Find," the right piece from different piles has to be put in a predetermined place. Two other modes require puzzling via Drag & Drop.

During gameplay, the main menu is accessed by the ESC key. Frock who has a season ticket; Professor Nock who visits his Peruvian amber mine and Aluman has the third ticket. It doesn't work. Use Harvey on a screw again to tempomorph to the past. Pick up the drawer to get Edna see that it is patient records. Get clay: Exit the bar and take the laundry lift to the basement laundry 2 stops away. Take a food and click it over another food label to interchange them. Pick up and then use the rake with window. Use the sink to run water. Babbitt chases Edna. Exit and go to the garage. Exit and look around. Climb the ladder and go down to the furnace room at left. Learn about King Adrian who was hit by lightning and became psychic.

Edna turns it. Go down the corridor. See that the driver is standing guard. Edna was placed in the asylum. Make a clay mold of the master key. The plant drops to the floor and is broken. One is from a website called New Grounds which was a precursor to YouTube. Daedalic Entertainment Hey guys! Climb the stairs until the very top floor and around the corner. Go left and hear Dr. Be nice to the guard. Walk to and look close at the Zen garden. Try to take it and learn that it is attached to Bladder's belt. See an antenna. See a guard watching a TV show loose his reception.

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Go through gate. Right click to look at Harey: padded wall, the table and the locked door. Bladder the guard at the control room on the third floor has one. Use Hornbush on Edna to get her back in class. Now Edna can forge signature just by looking at it. Pick up the small pile of dirt-clay in front of the hole. The gate is still open. Select a patient and learn what is in their record. Pick up the drawer to get the old key inside the drawer. He will give the antioxidant only when he gets hit by lightning. They are Harveey: only one sweater and are in in the only bed that has a blanket. Enter and be allowed to participate in the group therapy of video designers after Edna shows the signed form. Look outside the window. Talk to Mad Mouse. Edna says she can now forge Marcel's signature.

We have to get to the other side. During gameplay, the main menu is accessed by the ESC key. He gives his laundry lift ticket to Edna. The cable is cut. Walk to the double doors at left. If his eyes stays the same, the card is wrong. He believes that Mattis is innocent. Play with the alarm button. First level laundry room entrance: Be at the recreation room. Enter Dr. Place all active spots on the bottom frames: playground, merry go round, circus, ice cream stand, Ferris wheel, sun and pond. The ingredients are industrial foam and sugar; there's a surprise in the box.

There are 3 exits of the lift; one is at the laundry in the basement. Learn about his use of the laundry lift. Right click or Exna up a screw. Check inventory and see a fly that was in the drink. He is dangerous as Petra mentioned also. Look at the monitors and learn that staring at the monitors long enough can be hypnotic. The cable is cut. Talk to him and tell him he was hit by lightning. Harvey says that Edna can pick up a screw before without a tool. Walk to the back of the house. Use the TV and the channel is moved to the stock channel. Leave it open. Learn how to open Bubble Zoo 2 main gate. Frock and click on the dialogue: Isn't the next stop due soon.

Check inventory and see that the coat hanger is labeled 3. Edna and Harvey are pretty hilarious with the comments. Use the barkeeper's signature with the cocktail menu. Get clay: Exit the bar and take the laundry lift to the basement laundry 2 stops away. You have to talk to the guard, break a chair leg, and find out how to get through a vent without a screwdriver. Edna was placed in the asylum. He will meet Edna at the garage. He says to meet him at the shock therapy room. Read the hint about actions while in tempomorph. He gives his laundry lift ticket to Edna. Look around and see where electric shocks are given to patients. Clicking on the picture changes the active character playing on the screen. It is partly opened and the car door is locked. Pick up and then use the rake with window. The car alarm goes off.

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  1. Take the bean dip from the table. The organ sounded outside. Escape the cell: Open inventory and see Harvey Ability 1.

  2. Use the police badge on Droggeljug. Try using either the grab button or push-button for some of the random objects you find. Pick up Hulgor and automatically place him inside the cabinet.

  3. The animation is reminiscent of the old flash games but incredibly smooth. If slow, the Babbitt enters the room. Walk down the stairs. Try to pick up the spoon-shovel in the barrel.

  4. Use the toenail with the grate. It is hot in here because the AC is turned off. He says to meet him at the shock therapy room. Looked at the portrait of Alfred.

  5. Just let go. The show is about buying and selling stocks. Use fork on foot and see that Beeman flips the potato to hit Adrian because Prof.

  6. The animation is beautifully hand-drawn. Find where the ace of hearts is on the 5 cards he is holding. Talk to the barkeep. Bladder the guard at the control room on the third floor has one.

  7. If so, go through the chute again and out to Marcel's office. Pick up chips in front of the lovebirds. Turn on the light switch. Use the polo mallet or the broken chair leg or fork or knife on the sedan and the alarm goes off.

  8. Look at the cutlery cupboard at top left. Ask for x x x or whatever you forged. Edna is under the table of the other patients.

  9. Talk to the Reverend. Now Edna knows how to remove the screws. Enter the door at front left and be in a toilet.

  10. When correctly done, watch Bladder see the letters WC on the monitor and runs out. If not fast enough, you are brought back to your cell. Win 3 in a row and you will get zapped. Ask for x x x or whatever you forged.

  11. Enter the break room at right. See Peter and Petra. Go back to the pool. Get a better coat hanger: Since the better coat hanger is 1. The priest likes music and musical instruments.

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