Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony

Escape a cursed island inhabited by lost souls in Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony! After a strange twist of fate, you find yourself stranded on an eerie island. As you search for a way to cross the treacherous waters, an otherworldly boatman appears and tells you the only way to return home alive is to help three of the poor spirits trapped on the island. Travel through history and right the wrongs of the past to earn your passage home in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

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Slide the beads according to the code L and take the resin lump Rwdemption. But be careful! Proceed inside. The cursor will change into a boarder arrow when you can move to another location. Go up to Mahjong Fest: Sakura Garden tree house S. Click on the Manuscript in the lower right corner to add it to your Notes. Once you highlight a correct item, it will also light up in the guide. Examine the generator at the back of the room with the red tank next to it. Foyer Examine the doors on the lower level, beneath the stairs, ahead. Use the KEY on Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony lock to open the gates, then proceed inside. World Wonderland a ring to highlight it, and then click the available location where you want to move it. The solution is shown below. The Skip button appears during puzzles. Assemble the puzzle as shown in the screenshot 9.

Proceed through to the next area. Take a closer look at the platform up in the tree. Watch the brief cutscene, then take a closer look inside. Look at the miner. Push the top two buttons marked in white 4. Enter the Bar. Each character can deactivate only one gunman. Touch the flasks in the right order Town Clearing Examine the door of the chapel in the upper left corner. Arrange them in the order shown on the clue K. Office Click on the hidden object area over the desk at the back of the room. Take a closer look at the chest towards the right.

Go back to the Dock. Go back to the Stable. Go through the Mother Nature to reach the backyard. Upon completing the puzzle, the crane Romopolis lower the suspended crate. Click and drag the stethoscope to a dial, and then click the dial to listen for the correct number. Click and Testmony the tools and supplies according to the instructions. Mystery Solitaire: Grimms tales forward to the next area. Click and drag a candle to move it. The Reeemption of these two will require you to interact with different areas before you can uncover more objects. Backtrack Reddemption the Chapel. The cursor will change into a magnifying glass when you can zoom in on an area for a closer view. Click Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony coins to flip them, matching identical birds. Examine the glass aquarium on the floor. Examine the monster above the doorway.

Make your way back to the Backyard. Put the 2 mask eyes on the mask K ; take the spade clip L. Use the stethoscope to listen to each dial and open the safe. Play the HOS. Go forward. The matches are shown below. Zoom into the bag; put the spade clip on it M to activate a mini-puzzle. This will change into a couple different things depending on the situation. Proceed through to the next area. He will cause the portcullis to fall, blocking your path to him. The locations where you should place the stethoscope, in addition to the correct dial locations, are shown below. Upon clicking all the books, a secret entrance will be revealed, also revealing a hidden object area.

Use the chisel 1 on the 4 wooden blocks 2 to form 4 body parts. Click the center button to rotate individual circles, and click the arrows on the sides to rotate all of the circles. Return to the Gate. Return to the Deck. The door on the left will open. If the item you need to combine with is out of sight on the Inventory bar, simple move the half you want to combine over the corresponding directional arrow to toggle to the other half. Put the oiler on the hinges in the lower right door and open the door. The solution is shown below. Mine Entrance Examine the small makeshift table to the right of the gangster. The solutions are shown below. Chasm Take a closer look at the mechanism at the far end of the chasm area. Examine the control console again. Return to the Secret Chamber. Take a closer look at the wrapped-up object near the railing on the far edge. Mine Entrance Click on the hidden object area that has reappeared over the suitcase.

Lake of Death Speak with the ghost that appears here. Please look at the screenshot for the solution P. Insert the key into the lock and take the signet ring 6. The Skip button appears during puzzles. Examine the telescope for a mini-puzzle H. This will trigger the statue to open the nearby grate. Zoom into the couple; talk to the lady and then talk to the man. Touch the ladder to move it to the left. Examine the suitcase lying on the ground towards the right. Click and drag an object to move it into an empty slot. Put the shoe I in the sand; take the shoe print J. It has an important clue on it. Please look at the screenshot for the solution S.

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  1. Upon placing all the objects, click on the ANGEL revealed in a hollow of the book to add it to your inventory. Examine the purse that falls to the ground. Go through the back door to reach the burial site E.

  2. Place the candles in the matching colored symbols. Exit the elevator once you reach the B3 floor and go forward. Put the clock hands on the clock I ; take the second mask eye J.

  3. The demons will retaliate. Hard Mode features skip and hint buttons taking longer to recharge, and active zones are not highlighted. Find a way to make all of the angels raise their wings. Go back outside. Go up the steps to the workshop R.

  4. The result of the puzzle must appear like the screenshot. Exit the Chapel for now and return to the Workshop. Examine the floor mat; lift it and look at the locket for a mini-puzzle. Examine the tongs and mold again, clicking to separate them.

  5. Enter the Bar. Zoom into the side pocket of the suitcase; put the medallion into the slot and realign the rings 2. Go back to the Ship Deck.

  6. Match the pairs until only one is remaining, then click on it to complete the puzzle. Put the last remaining item in the bowl J. Dial the numbers in the following order: 7, 9, 4, 8, 5.

  7. Take a closer look at the chains on the left. Go back to the Library. Zoom into the car. The sequence is random, but the final solution as it should look is shown below.

  8. Ship Deck Take a closer look at the suspended bucket on the left again. Click an angel to lift its wings and attack different demons. Exit to the Town Clearing. Upon restoring the amulet, watch the cutscene that follows.

  9. Take a closer look at the open gate ahead. Zoom into the clock. Open the front door and zoom into it. Take the elevator back to B3; close the gate when the man trying to open it appears.

  10. Use the trowel in the dirt and take the golden nut M. Move the cat food can to the correct slot by shifting the other objects on the shelf. Chasm Take a closer look at the mechanism at the far end of the chasm area. Walk down and go through the upper left door.

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