Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister

University grant competitions usually bring out the best in innovations, but inventor P. G. Kholmeister suspects that someone is sabotaging his Canute College tornado tracking team. That’s why he hired you, as detective Nancy Drew, to go undercover as a new intern! You’ll need to learn fast if you want to survive the stormy rivalries and the dark, spiraling supercells looming over Oklahoma’s heartland! Test your Hidden Object talents in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister!

If you have a lot of accidents, the game over might happen when the bar reaches the red zone. Buy the toothpaste. It smells like coolant. Chase Relerford As a meteorology undergrad student, spending his first season out in the field, Chase is a remarkably good mechanic. However, it took a bit for it to get rolling again, and I can understand how some people might have lost a bit of interest in the beginning. Go behind the car area. Click on purple GPS icon at bottom of screen. Debbie wants you to fix the phone. The damage indicator can also be deduced from the description of the lowest to highest F value taken from the computer. Also see clouds. Look close at the burrows. Click to suck up several prairie dogs. Snack display: Go right from the counter and look close at the snack display.

Click menu and select camera. He said that it was not fixed. When all are collected release them at springhouse again. I did it! Krolmeister calls and asks about updates. Drive the car to the antenna area. Select windmill at right. Inside is a storm globe with a token. If you have a lot of accidents, the game over might happen when the bar reaches the red zone. Go to the museum and the Homesteader display. There are two levels of gameplay, Junior and Senior detective modes, each offering a different difficulty level of puzzles and hints, however neither of these changes affect its actual plot. Buy the blue tagged green flashlight red carton. Ma 'n Pa's General Store: Drive to the store.


2014 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #22: Trail of the Twister

Watch as the mouse come into the trap. Check the coffee table where that man was during the power failure. Press the run button. That Moon Chunk cheese looks like a treat for mice. Technology Tell. She asks that you fix the TV. Climb the stairs and call it a day. See an egg sitting where the cheese had been. Place the divining rod back on the Homesteader display in the museum. Frosty is excitable. Read the far left newspaper left of Pa's counter. Take the filled mouse trap. Wait for a prairie dog to pop up.

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  1. Take the envelope. I normally am not science savvy and have not had a history of enjoying science in school, but this game made science fun for me! Chase Relerford: The team mechanic. Ask about the mouse trap in the museum.

  2. You will ride with Frosty. Click the vacuum on the ground and watch the prairie dogs enter their new home. Hail storm: A storm is brewing.

  3. While facing the homesteader display not close up , move cursor to bottom right of screen. Thankfully, you get to drive the car for the majority and that one is not so bad. Press the small switch at left to see if the gears work. The picture below can be used by selecting the number where your starting point is located.

  4. Go west or left until the road turns to north and then west. Buy the green tagged brown salt and green tagged sugar. Buy the blue tagged green flashlight red carton. Somebody programmed the GPS wrong. Brooke Tavanah: Leader of the rival Kingston University chase team.

  5. Exit the map and follow the route. Click on 'delete photo' to remove the pictures that are not good. Press Enter. Do not open the inventory grocery bag and click on the candy or Nancy will eat it. Talk to Scott.

  6. Go back to the museum and take the trap right of the Dust Bowl display. Thanks to Michelle for the info and Rushes for the check. Watch as the mouse come into the trap. The reset button is at top right of the screen.

  7. Select Gallery. Raise the gates to block the mice in their places. Frosty mentions something about talking to Debbie. Fill the next area.

  8. Twister: Enter the farmhouse. Hear Scott and Debbie leave the house. He's very friendly and enjoys working in theater. This closes that area. Click on the next blank space you want to place the next number and so on

  9. Retrieved October 21, Sensor alignment: Exit the house. He wants you to return the mp3 player to Chase. He becomes sad when talking about tornados.

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