Resurrection, New Mexico

After a terrible traffic accident Amy Walters finds herself trapped in Resurrection, New Mexico! Now she must work with lost souls to escape the dark and mysterious world that seems to have a mind and a will of its own in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Can you reach the other side in time to live again and reunite with your daughter? Find out as you attempt to escape from Resurrection, New Mexico!

Always move the cursor around a scene. Walkthrough A short clip explains the background and introduces the story line for play. Go forward toward the car. Although some of them are great, I prefer the more realistic and nowadays settings. Examine the trunk to open a slider puzzle. Give the elderly man the phone B. Use the KEY on the padlocked garage door. Examine the door I ; use the KEY in the lock and turn. Random clicking will cause a short disruption of your cursor. It also contains goals for a location or a character. Read the green-tabbed folder. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Fifiluna from Great Fun!

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Check the message on the phone above the hints. Zoom in on the charger by the bureau A. Return to the shopkeeper. The right end panel pattern will be the same as the left. It is also easiest to sort one color at a time. Examine the chains U to trigger a puzzle. The goal is to move the tiles horizontally or New Mexico to Sparkle Unleashed enough space to slide the two locks inward. Go to the school. Click each dial to move the groove over a number until they match the numbers on the certificate. Go down the right tunnel B to the cavern. Go back upstairs. Exit the cell. Give the DOLL to the girl in the window.

There may be other solutions to this puzzle. Inspect the jar on the shelf B. Exit the location. Make a note of the numbers: View the cut scene. Extras — Music, concept art, wallpapers, screensavers, brain teaser mini-games and bonus play are only available after completing the game. Follow the recipe directions. Read the message on the cell phone. Look at the clipping on the wall A. A hand icon indicates you can interact with the item. Examine the chair. A new card will drop after each attempt but the layout on the right remains the same. Click down to return to the tunnel entrance. Examine the sink D.

Go outside. Continue to click the pins until all are retracted and Resurrectino pick New Mexico at the far right. Examine the chair. Play the New Mexico object scene under the bed D. Examine the door. Find the listed objects. Play the hidden object Sparkle 2 under the sink C. Items spanning more than one square must have all squares beneath them filled. Click the eye at the end of the hallway. Find the items listed and get a DISC. Return to the altar. This will show you how to interact with objects Ikibago characters. The RUBY is added to inventory.

Chapter 5: The Little Girl Return to the school. Hint: the matching pair are usually the top two sticks. Go to the shop entrance. Play the hidden object scene inside. Return to the front door. The solution is shown in the next screen shot. Look closer at the cupboard A. Speak to the little girl A. The hint system was informative without trying to play the game for you, there wasn't an over abundance of HOG scenes, the puzzles were sensible and relative to the task at hand, and there is a very helpful journal which list the tasks to be accomplished for each character. Back out and use the AXE on the door. Return to the classroom. Items spanning more than one square must have all squares beneath them filled. Drag the charger cord to the phone. Return to the basement down three times.

Puzzles can be skipped after a short wait. Examine the cabinet K to trigger a HOS. Chapter 1 — Pride Examine the floor; pick up the notice A. Return to the house. Speak to Mrs. Solving the patterns unlocks the gate. Head right. Chesterbrooks on her porch. Enter the right tunnel to play a hidden object scene C. Pick up the cell phone D. Examine the power box on the left side of the building A. Examine the stones on the wall C to open a puzzle. Add another box. Zoom in on the door again. Read the message on the phone.

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  1. Play is linear. Slide all of the tiles until tile B is positioned in the upper right corner C. But these things sort of added to the atmosphere of the game. The squares on the back of the food show how high and wide an item can be.

  2. Look closer at the certificate B. Examine the garbage pile to access a HOS. Go forward to the collapsed bridge C. Where you are alone in a dingy, begrimed room and mysterious writings appear on mirrors and walls, that's enough, no spoiler here.

  3. Examine the trunk to open a slider puzzle. Insert the KEY in the padlock on the door. When it started, it started in a way that I've seen several times don't want to give too much away, so I won't give details.

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