Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn

Two weeks after the events of Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison, Kiera Vale finds herself drawn back into a web of occult sciences, mysterious dark entities, and government secrets -- woven by the agency known as A.R.C.A.N.E.. Kiera is happy to receive the call, but soon after her arrival finds that things are not at all how she remembers them to be. What are these agents hiding, and why didn't they tell her the whole story? What is the true nature of the Blackwater "Witch"? Why is Dr. Thorn's young daughter locked up in a containment cell? From the top secret labs in the depths of A.R.C.A.N.E.'s headquarters to the distant spires of alien worlds, Ms. Vale will seek answers, solve cryptic puzzles, banish evil otherdimensional creatures, and perhaps even make a new friend over a game of Piggy Princess along the way, in Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn.

Maroc Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn seniors entiГЁrement gratuits

You need to place the coins as follows: Monkey in the lower left. Gomez is here. Walk down 3 times, then walk forward to the bio lab. Collect a gemstone of some kind. Take the wooden box that rises in the center of the room. Walk back to the interrogation room. Examine the control panel to start another puzzle. Talk to Abby completely A. Use a sharp chisel on the vent, using a small hammer to pry off the Mystic Diary: Haunted Island. Exit the computer. Walk right twice to the kitchen. Each row needs one color heart on it. Walk down, go up the stairs, and enter the armory.

Continue this process to enter the rest of the symbols. Note the statue on the left B. Examine the nightstand and collect my handkerchief. Collect a gardening spade from the hole in the trunk. Examine the telescope and use a screwdriver on the screws and remove the cover. Speak with her again and she will give you some kind of microchip. Note the letters in the blue circles are not changeable, so you must build the phrase from there U. Read the riddle on the left D , then move the ring E so the symbols land under the center eye F in the order from the poem. Walk back down ad go left into the control room. Collect a marked stone tumbler and go back twice. In the basket, collect access card A and read the note. Talk to her! Walk down. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by lsr from Plenty of brainpower needed - but worth it I particularly enjoyed that I wasn't being spoon fed on this game.

You are allowed 8 rotations; press the buttons in numerical order Walk back to the previous area. Press OK I. On the table, collect some glue. Examine Nightmzre creature, then the control, put in the code and press the red button. Phillips C.

Press the red button N. Examine the sand box. Alternatively, you will be given information at top of screen about object or area. After looking over the note, collect some kind of electrical box. Press 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, and 1. Use the button on the left to move the minute hand to overlap the sign for Pisces. Read the memo on the bulletin board G. In the pile on the left you can collect an old sword before examining the wall. Climb out the elevator doors R. Speak with Jillian once more to finish this chapter. Look at the panel on the wall for the next puzzle. Examine the chessboard. Match the symbol lines on the right with the symbol grid, just like a crossword puzzle to finish the chapter.


Nightmare Adventures 2: The Turning Thorn - Ep10 - w/Wardfire

This triggers a puzzle. Note the entrance to the Magick laboratory A. Look at Gomez and zoom into her locket P. Walk to the left and onto the porch. After reading the letter you can collect a very odd necklace. Examine it, talk to the witch again, then walk down. Then read the memos on the wall before going left and up the stairs, then to the left and into an armory. Look at the right statue for a mini-game C. Enter the number of ones in the row with each letter onto the right M. Examine the controls to start another puzzle. You need to use a red book, an orange book, a purple book, and a blue book in the shelf. Turning Thorn puts the usual sloppy writing and slapdash graphics of ordinary casual games to shame. Now go through the central door. Talk again with Phillips and collect the pencil I borrowed from Dr.

Look at a symbol clue for its number F , find the monitors in that symbols group that add up to the number, then turn off the remaining monitors in that group. A commercial will play. Once you open a suit, the next available space will be highlighted. Look at the creature, then the control; enter and press the red button D. Enter the tree house C. Our solution was: Mx2, Lx1, Ox2, and Nx3. Exit the tree house and read the plaque on the trunk before using a screwdriver to remove the screws. This starts another puzzle where you have to slide the tiles. Collect a coin with a pig on it from the shelf and take a look at the list on the wall before you talk to her. Press the side upper left button twice H , press the bottom left button once I , and press the bottom right button twice J. Examine the keypad on the door and enter the code: Now examine the clipboard and collect a fishing hook. You need to rearrange the numbers so that the total on a line matches the number of the line. Speak with her again and she will give you some kind of microchip. Walk forward, then enter the right chamber.

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  1. Talk to her completely. Note the box under the cabinet B. Look at your photos for a clue B.

  2. Here, examine the keypad on the far right. Refer to your photos for clues G. Examine the coffee cup and collect a small plastic butterfly.

  3. Now go ahead and press the intercom button. The puzzles are predominantly hybrids of generic types, but each time the developers have gone to considerable trouble in adding some twist or new spin on each one, thereby heightening a sense of novelty. Walk left, go up the stairs, then enter the armory. There is also a letter to read with a drawing to look at. Talk to her.

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