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After crashing your car in the middle of nowhere, you stumble upon The Drowned Dead Hotel, a lonely forgotten structure leaning from a cliff. Beneath lies a dark and cold lake that used to be a lively town. What secrets are buried at the bottom of the muddy waters? Who are the mysterious inhabitants of the hotel? Dive into Phantasmat, an incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, and get to the bottom of a long forgotten tragedy. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

Eipix is generally great anyway. Plus, all the achievements come in the form of little car ornaments for your dashboard! Happy Gaming Fellow Fishies! The latter is a very well done psychological thriller related to the main game. It has a great story and a very creepy atmosphere. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by kushi02 from It's Creepy Beautiful This is one of my all time favorite game, The music is creepy, the graphics are beautiful. One day I'll get through them all : So, in short What is he up to? The imagery and stage was set up beautifully and was really nice to look at. You gotta see! I basically saw only the hands of the student. For the money I would have liked to have a little more game.

Much work and dedication was put in the making of this game and I definitely noticed and appreciated it. Zachary Ryan's questionable method of treatment for Faith, mind control. This type of story is so mysterious and eerie, and going to a watery grave adds a certain sadness. A lot of newly-themed puzzles and HOs make this intriguing, and there are probably a few more puzzles than HOs. The bonus game carries the story a bit further, but I thought it was a little skimpy on adventure. Why was he not there? The dream sequences are chilling. I'll also say that, if you enjoy this one, play Crucible Peak the sequel as well. After fixing the generator and restoring power, you use the phone but receive a strange message that your call can't be completed as "the location you are calling from You're in too deep now however, and someone or something, doesn't want you to find the artifact, in fact, it seems they don't want you to live at all, or are you already dead? The Mini-games I will admit, aren't as creative as they usually are in most Phantasmat games and a little too simplistic at times, but that seems to be the norm for this dev lately. What could be better than that?

The story is good without excessive chatter, and no bwah-ha-ha villains participate. She is the hotel owner's assistant and warns you that you should make your call and leave immediately and not stay there as strange things are happening there. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I thought I'd contribute my opinion on this game since it's definitely worth a buy if you ask me. I used the standard hidden object mode most of the time, and that was fine by me. This game may not be for every player, but I do recommend it especially for the puzzles. So, have downloaded the demo like most of you and feel I'm playing it for the first time. I think it has a very good atmosphere, music, and effects. Plus, all the achievements come in the form of little car ornaments for your dashboard! Although, I really think the graphics and animations are great. Each scene was able to hold your gaze for multiple minutes, as there was just so many details and depth to the displays on the screen. And someone is whispering to the player in the background. And the story made sense and left hardly any unanswered questions! Overall, this is the kind of game I love, creepy graphics, a plot that makes me wonder if I'm dead or alive, and a game that doesn't require me to find a million keys, emblems, and constant back and forth tasks.

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The scenery is stunning, set in Phantasmat Collectors Edition, with both indoor and outdoor illustrations beautifully done. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by puppymonkeymommy from Phantasmat: Nothing like this game! Definitely worth trying out for yourself! Sadly it appears they over-simplified the match three and removed the timer from the sequel. Very spooky atmosphere. A must-have for any gamer's library! But these are different, so I'm giving them a try. I found it Dolphin Dice Slots ton of fun and quite tricky. Suddenly, handprints appear on the windshield and you see glowing eyes in the rear view mirror that causes you to lose control of your car to crash in the middle of nowhere. You can go back and Sparkle 2 any you missed in Extras. Are you still in control of the situation? Phantasmat never lets me down! I like this one.

Can't imagine it failing to be a winner like the previous editions. Much work and dedication was put in the making of this game and I definitely noticed and appreciated it. But, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it. I just love creepy games with a psychological twist! I've yet to find a sequel to stand up to the original. After more than 12 years of playing HO games, this is one of the first that has kept me engaged!!! Please understand that this is just my opinion. Traditional HO fans won't be disappointed. I really enjoyed the twists that were put on the traditional games we all know and love, while still remaining true to the heart of the game. Thank you, Eipix. My little dog usually is on my lap when I play and one time when I jumped she took off like a flash. Mournful Loch isn't as good as as the last couple of games in the series, but I'm confident this will be a solid game from beginning to end. During the game, you suffer periods of dizzyness and seem to blackout during which you see bit and pieces of visions about the three characters and things that happened to them.

If you have the money, give this game a try. Jet Set Go great environment even if we're pretty much inured to spooky castles by now. You learn a lot more about the characters' pasts Zachary Ryan's questionable method of treatment for Faith, mind control. The underwater scenes rival those of the original Phantasmat. And let's not forget about that creepy boatman who Plant This! disappears at a very suspicious time. If you like creepy games, this is perfect. Puzzles seem to be the forte for this developer and the ones in this game are excellent. You end up searching the town

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  1. Collectibles are brains in jars, each with a different face on it, probably Eipix devs and characters from other games. It was a combination of all of these things that gave the story depth and meaning. The music is very spooky, and the voice-overs are really well done. You make your way to the hotel noting that most of the town is submerged and you encounter the hotel owner [second character] who tells you the phone is out because the power it out.

  2. The Mini Games range from simple to complex, many of which are new or different versions. She was an important person before the town suffered such devastation. I think it will end up getting a 5 star rating from most of the reviewers. Nice work, Eipix! You see an old path that you decide to follow and meet a young woman [first of 3 characters] who tells you about an old hotel nearby that has a phone and she gives you directions on how to get there.

  3. Actual locations are few compared to many other games so a map is not really needed. The puzzle involves moving tiles to find certain symbols that are hidden under several tiles. The hotel owner - He was a gangster that decided to retire with his booty and live out his days in liesure.

  4. In the first game, instead of filling in the blanks of the plot with the usual Hidden Object Keyword Sentence PHinds, you would have creepy "visions" to find out what had happened in the past, which correlated to how you got in the situation in the first place. It was a combination of all of these things that gave the story depth and meaning. If it wasn't, they'd complain it was too boring. Very spooky atmosphere. Traditional HO fans won't be disappointed.

  5. LOL I recommend this game. If the dated appearance in the video above and the description bore you, please I have played it thousands of times and still love it too death! I found it a ton of fun and quite tricky. I also like all the hints as to what might be going on in the storyline - it's like playing a psychological thriller novel.

  6. This is the only game of this kind that I have skipped the hidden objects to play the alternate game. I'll also say that, if you enjoy this one, play Crucible Peak the sequel as well. Although some of the Phantasmat games include a variation of the visions especially in Curse of the Mist they are missing a PHenomenal opportunity by not taking advantage of this feature. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by j62janet from A twist in the story You are up against a man who is hypnotising people, you have to beat him in any way you can, doing HOS and puzzles along the way, taking you to different places.

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