Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Escape the clutches of a legendary monster in Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse. A terrifying myth comes alive in Germany! Many years ago a monster stalked the German forest surrounding Castle Finster. According to locals and storytellers, the monster disappeared when it claimed a victim. Now everyone is frightened by the sights and sounds of something large stumbling through the darkness. Can you solve the mystery before the monster adds another chapter to this legend?

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by rosiegene25 from Captivating! Return to the Glass Shop. His father, Franz Mittelmeier, is the head of security at the castle, and his aunt is Anja. Coins picked up during the game will be added to the total. Catacombs Enter the Catacombs and return to the area with the tree on the wall. Marble Landing Please note: this area with the white marble floor will be referred to as the Marble Landing, while the area with the wooden floor will be referred to as the Castle Landing, or just plain Landing. A nice spooky atmosphere, all the characters are great, play Raid with Karl, explore the dungeon and the tunnels. Read the letter lying underneath the day-planner. Before climbing to the central solarium, take the eagle phone charm from the wall by right stairs railing. Enter through the passageway that appears and proceed inside. Pull back to stop playing. One leads to the foyer and the other leads to the gift shop and furnace room.

Take the cake from the box. Navigation is point-and-click, so make sure you move all around a room before dismissing an area as unreachable. Go to the alcove containing the bookstand and examine the book on the History of Castle Finster. This was definitely not my favorite ND game, for sure. From here: go left, right, forward, and forward. If you were interrupted by the monster alert while discovering the time clue earlier, even if you rotate the hands correctly the compartment will NOT open. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Witty10 from Great expections - great follow through I've always been a Nancy Drew fan and when this game was released, I was a little wary- the last few had been a bit of a let down and my hopes weren't especially high that this wouldn't be more of the same. You may continue to look around— notice the stand with the postcards: this will come in handy later. Check the door of the locked furnace room ahead. Without using hints and cheats you can easily get a good hours of game play. This will help you figure out where you need to go and what you need to do next. Note: You can receive an award for amassing a full deck of Raid cards! The farmer player then guesses where the monsters are located. Switch letters from the same vertical column to form words— once a word is correct, it will lock in place. Try the other language.

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Castle Foyer Speak with Lukas about the costume and the bucket of water. See that it has N at bottom right and a picture of an Nancyy trap door. The graphics and music were both outstanding! Buying items will decrease the total amount of coins. Talk to Ned Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat! 3 the conversation ends. Castle Landing Go Tne out to the main Landing area, facing ahead towards the white marble floor down a few more steps. Click the red lever again to trigger a puzzle. Then call Frank or get a call from Frank himself. Note: You can receive an award for buying every souvenir in the shop. Security Room Examine the camera monitors and notice the monster is in the Courtyard. See a door with Nancy's name on it. The door is now open. Also, I didn't get stuck very often. Turn around and proceed forward until you encounter the hanging animal skull. Glass Shop Go straight ahead and examine the oven it looks like Curss cabinet and open it.

There are 2 side solariums - rooms. The visuals are great, as is the sound and interface. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by laranangel from One of the best! The puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty and the ending was so unexpected! Continue to explore to the right of the postcards until you find the snack server. Arrival: Nancy arrives at the closed castle gate. Learn about the different monsters. A note above the panel tells you how the Enigma works. Take a right midway down the hallway going towards the shield to find the exit to the Catacombs. From there, go left to see the chains, then go to the chains and turn left. Get Raid cards if you win. Return to Lukas. If you haven't played it yet, you should! When sure of the selection - click on square of the Check Match at top of the page. Professor Sparrow is the one on the painting on the wall.

Spooky setting! Enter through the doors across from the stairs and follow the hallway. Moving around makes you feel like you Nqncy looking through her eyes. Climb the stairs to the mezzanine. The opponent places the 3 monsters from top left on the board by clicking on some selected cows. There is no hint button in this game, and you cannot skip puzzles. Click on it to collect a coin. Take the legend clue page Ths from inside the book. Her favorite place to sit is the rocking chair by the dining room's fireplace. Dining Room Talk to Renate, Drew:: her about the necklace and until all your conversation options are exhausted. Continue right and you should notice some chains hanging from the wall. Take the legend clue page 17 from the floor. You can Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse examine the Art Jewel Match Royale Glass book sitting on top of the glass case on the right. See that it has TK at bottom right and has a picture of the well.

Learn that if Renate is given food; she goes to sleep. Once purchased, look at the postcard and remove the sticker in the lower right corner. The order is as follows: 10, 8, 2, 7, 6. You can play the game again from the board here. Regardless of whether you win or lose, Karl will pay you for helping him test the game. Enter the Catacombs. He wants you to call him back on the landline. The farmer player places cows on the board. Besides this, I enjoy this game a lot and find myself replaying it often! The solutions are shown and outlined below: -1 Move bar 1 up, bars 2 and 3 left, bar 4 up, and bar 5 all the way to the right. Enter the double doors. Also on the bottom left of the play screen is the bag.


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  1. The color of the square the player lands on determines what challenge is to be done by the player. Once you are ready to play the game, click on the plane ticket to go to the new case location. One of the things I have always liked about Nancy solving mysteries in different countries, is the fact that us players get a good history lesson. Meet everyone in the castle. The middle scale is highest and the right scale is lower than the rest.

  2. Go forward to the white tiled solarium. See that it has N at bottom right and a picture of an opened trap door. You may recognize it from one of the other legend clue pages from your inventory. Nancy shows the desk in her bedroom.

  3. Before leaving, finish off any new remaining conversation points. This was definitely not my favorite ND game, for sure. Return to the Dining Room. Turn around and return to the path, proceeding left.

  4. You should see a small boulder on the right now. Security Room Sit down and take a closer look at the decoder on the right again. The card selected shows the character stat of that player's hand.

  5. The last page waits for a new design. Read the Game Rules book at bottom right. This will always be one of my favs.

  6. Notice the pictures: Mouse, Dragon, and Unicorn. I love Germany, it was a great idea to place it there. The German guy was funny and the castle owner was hilarious on the phone! Now, turn around and proceed left.

  7. Plot twist here and there - which just made it more exciting! You will automatically be taken there. Read the book and learn about Freiherr Amsel and his daughter Else. Click on the BURR lodged in one of the grooves to add it to your inventory.

  8. Open the cabinet beneath it. Click on the decorative wood on the upper right to reveal a secret keypad. Release[ edit ] The game was officially released on June 28, The phone rings.

  9. Check the mantle of the fireplace and read the Die Ungeheuerlichkeit Nacht Festival schedule. Take the glass shop key. She will fall asleep promptly after eating it.

  10. Pick up the 3 pronged control key from the table. Therefore, tasks can be completed in many different ways and orders. The diskette is used to save the game.

  11. Click the red lever again to trigger a puzzle. Knock on doors and see that no one wants to open the door. This game, as well as the next in the series were a refreshing change from the couple games before them.

  12. Talk with her using all the various conversation options. Click on the decorative wood on the upper right to reveal a secret keypad. Listen to all she has to say. You can also examine the Art of Glass book sitting on top of the glass case on the right. By now, the monster will have been sighted.

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