Shtriga: Summer Camp

Summer camp has always been about good memories, new experiences and making friends. But when children begin to vanish one at a time, campfire ghost stories go from urban legend to real life! Search the ghoulish grounds for the spirit of the dead witch responsible for these disappearances and uncover her horrifying truth before it’s too late! With bone-chilling locations to explore, blood-curdling clues to discover and spine-tingling puzzles to solve, Shtriga: Summer Camp will stop you dead in your tracks!

Not too involved, HOs easy to see. I love these old type of games. The game itself has a nice storyline somewhat predictable, but ok. I never liked where you move one circle, and another circle moves as well, You could always skip them with no penalty. This game was just right. So if you don't like HOS I doubt this game is for you. The gameplay lasts hours, which is a decent length; neither very long or really short. There are no voice overs to this game which I do think would of added so much more to this game along with more character interaction. The hint button worked well. I also loved the challenge of it. I thoroughly recommend it, however. If it was more thinky I would have loved the game, now I liked it, it was relaxing and nice. Shadows: Price for your fears. I enjoyed it a lot. I still gave the game three stars, because despite all the annoyances, I still enjoyed it.

Graphics good, a bit dark, but you can still see clearly. Would have made a great CC edition. So I combined methanol with methanol, very idiotic!! There is not even a blog walkthrough guide to help you through. So don't be put off by all the arrows everywhere - there's not much backtracking. Note that your post won't be visible right away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. I think it's still worth playing if you have FunPass - I probably wouldn't buy this game. There is no jump map which I normally will only buy a game if it has one but with this game it really didn't need one because you are able to use the items in your inventory fairly quickly and don't have to backtrack more than one or two scenes at most. The hidden object games are straightforward only which you will play twice. But when I got to the dock, I had nothing to break the glass with so couldn't get the axe. A map would have been nice since there was quite a lot of back and forth. There are many areas through the game and once you get to a kind of new section you don't have to go too far to get to where you need to go next for something.

So, a good solid game, but if they had developed the story just a little further, it would have been much more interesting and satisfying. Graphics were good and puzzles were easy. It showed that the plane was in a particular location. A few times I had to click quite a few times to actually grab the item I needed. It makes them harder to be adopted from shelters in real life; and it's hard enough already. A map would have been nice since there was quite a lot of back and forth. There were no voice overs, and the dialogue was clearly not written by someone whose first language is English, but it wasn't bad. The opening scene with the distraught mother pleading for help from a detective Brenda Livingston to find her son that has gone missing from summer camp. Do you have an issue with your game? I retraced my steps all the way back to the beginning, multiple times. This for me had a lot to do and places to go. There are quite a few areas to explore, but there is no interactive map to guide your direction.


Shtriga Summer Camp

6 thoughts on “Shtriga: Summer Camp

  1. You don't use all the wires just the correct ones and I will admit this game frustrated me a wee bit! First off, the story line is okay, as long as you don't mind evil spirits. There are simple puzzles that require you to swap tiles until you complete the picture, there are buttons that need pushed in the correct order by trial and error. Date published: It will not over tax your skills or your brain, but it's a nice diversion.

  2. A great no frills thriller, full of interesting puzzles, easy to see HOS, and enough spooky atmosphere to satisfy a campfire story telling contest. None of these are hard to do and I've seen them all before. Other scenes would show most list items, but some would be blank. It was a really long game for a SE game. As mentioned in other reviews, there is supposed to be a mysterious illness.

  3. Do you have an issue with your game? So if you don't like HOS I doubt this game is for you. WIth and without the hints-got stuck in the treehouse every time.

  4. Overall, I liked the game. The ending was positive. I couldn't keep places straight. About half-way through, some, but not all of the HO scenes developed a glitch so that I could not see the list of items to find. But when I got to the dock, I had nothing to break the glass with so couldn't get the axe.

  5. Good game, 3 stars I believe that pennmom36's review of Shtriga: Summer Camp hits the nail on the head; I'd like to refer you to that, and only add my opinion that you'll be back to this Summer Camp sometime -- it has a very high "play-again-sometime" factor. There is Casual and Expert modes of play and a Diary. Submit Thank you for writing a post!

  6. In other games, the help button often helps several times with directions before it needs to recharge. There is a map of the camp, but you still pretty much have to discover things for yourself. With no map, I often retraced ground.

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