Reincarnations: Uncover the Past

Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped! Help her explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past. Use your Hidden Object talents to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues.

Ray 2 moves the outer rings for 2, 5 and inner rings for 4, 6. Use the stone on the angel statue to get a broken wing. Leave the room through the open door. Click on the sun rays to move the pieces until the inside and outside symbols match. Click south twice. Click the portal to get the crab and coin. Click to turn the valve. Clicking a skull will rearrange its surrounding skulls see screenshot above. Leave the scene by going south down and continue all the way to the outside of the theatre. There is no timer or point system. Click on two adjacent tiles to swap their positions. Zoom into the post on the right 7. A gear is added to your inventory. Use the hammer to smash the screen. The Hidden Object Scenes.

Leave the scene by taking the path to the right. Click down twice; go through the curtains. Remove the ivy twigs by clicking the topmost twig each time. A glass cutter is added to your inventory. Go to the fish fountain. Take the middle doorway. Click on the toy in the bear trap. Take the clock hand below the round table and place it on the clock in the upper left. Take the wire cutters. Leave the scene by going south down. Leave the scene by clicking at the bottom of the scene. The walkthrough will not include this instruction.

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Click the shelf to start Gods vs Humans hidden object hunt. A carved wood panel is Uncoger to your inventory. From left to right Dolphin Dice Slots the dials to 6, 3, and 8. Take the handkerchief. Take the balloons. The Buttons are circled in red. Go south down so you find yourself outside. Leave the scene and take the right doorway middle of scene. Place the color indicators into the right slot 6. Click to examine. To solve the mini-puzzle, rearrange the tiles so they show the order that wine is made. Move towards the wagon. Click on the items to push them out of the way. To solve Uncovr mini-puzzle, click and drag the pieces to complete the image.

Click on the next gate. Take the wire. The position of the discs is different each time you click on the puzzle so a solution cannot be given. A key is added to your inventory. I left the scene and went back in to reset it and I quickly finished the painting and completed the puzzle. Use the glove to move the glass shards. Hint system: You have unlimited hints however it takes time to recharge between uses. Click on the fountain to the left of the door. The Spoons are marked in blue. To solve the mini-puzzle, swap the tokens to show the cause and effect of the middle tokens. Click on the rope with the grapple hook to pull the floating chest closer. Click on the paper bag to get the bagel. Click the wine rack to start a hidden object hunt. Play the Hidden Object Scene below the elevator. Use the up and down arrows button 3 to switch the position of the colours on the tile.

Take the balloons. Please look Reincarnaions: the screenshot for the solution F. Click on Fruits Inc. cash register to get the tooth; take the cymbal to make the musical monkey. Click on it to move it. Twist the valves until fluid runs through every pipe.

Take the torn picture. Place the lemon in the juicer; take the lemon juice C. Click one space up so the skull 4 leaves the box and move the skull into the large stone box 5. Use the knife to rip the privacy screen. Play the Hidden Object Scene on the left. The backdrop then appears against the stage. Click on the open cage door to start a mini-puzzle. To solve the puzzle, all the discs must be in the proper position. Zoom into the open barrel on the left to trigger a puzzle. Click on the center circles and the smaller circles to rotate the pieces until each circle has all the same colors. Go north twice to the laundry room. Go through the gate and go down the stairs twice. A gargoyle statue is added to your inventory. Zoom into the puppet on the right; undo the four buttons.


Reincarnations: Uncover the Past

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  1. Exit and go through the left door. Leave the scene by taking the path to the right. Leave the scene and go south and then west. To get the blank paper, take the eraser and use it on the piece of paper. Zoom into the puzzle on the left D.

  2. Click on the broken curtain mechanism. Click on the green bow on the left; take the ribbon that falls on the ground H. Take the balloons. A large smile is raised left of scene.

  3. You can also swap panels from left to right. Click on the relief on the right pillar. I'd find something some place which would be needed 3 scenes back. Click the twin statue. Go through the air vent.

  4. Position the carved wood panel. Leave the scene and go through the door on the left. Click on the large mask to remove it; click on the smile F.

  5. Go south one scene and then go through the door on the right. If you are having a hard time uncovering the inventory item, move your mouse around the scene. Take the letter A. Click the statue down the stairs. Click on the cigar cutter; take the cut cigar O.

  6. If its eyes turn green, it was a correct click. Take the chocolate. Click the pastry so the cream filling pours out. To solve the mini-puzzle, swap the tokens to show the cause and effect of the middle tokens. Click on the post.

  7. Go down the steps. Leave the scene by going east, then northeast. Then click the lever to move it. I'd find something some place which would be needed 3 scenes back. Enter the tent.

  8. I had to use the hint twice during this game. If there is no matching colour, click a tile so it moves and you can see the tile below. Click on the shell to reveal the pearl. Take the scrubbing rag and use it on the hanky to get a clean hanky and use the bug spray on the cockroach to get the dead cockroach.

  9. Use the torch on the candle to get the burning torch. Click on the drum. Click the skull wearing a hat to start a hidden object hunt. Leave the scene and go down the stairs, then go south to go outside.

  10. Zoom into the device in the lower left. Click on the large gold box to place the small box with the skull into it 5. Do this by rotating ring 2 until all four rings are aligned with each other. A few of the puzzles had some complexity to them. The TIP of the palette knife P in the small gold vase can be used to remove incorrect paint.

  11. A great game is complimented by great graphics and music. Place the white tube of paint on the bear; click on the polar bear F. The figures can only jump into an empty slot and move in the direction they are facing.

  12. A gear is added to your inventory. In between doing work around the house. Click on the plate to break it, take the broken pieces on the floor S.

  13. To solve this mini-puzzle, you must have all the skulls showing. Leave the scene by going south. Return downstairs and click on the door in the middle of the scene. Take the tortoise tile.

  14. Place the hand sign on the panel. Click the skeleton hand to zoom in. Place the skull into the large gold box and move it to position 5.

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