Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collectors Edition

Help Stan Riddle escape the Haunted Manor! After being trapped by the Lord of Mirrors, Stan needs you to guide him to safety! This is a special Collector's Edition early release. The game is scheduled to be released in 2-3 weeks so, the Collector's Edition is for those who can’t wait to escape the Haunted Manor. As a bonus, Collector's Editions purchases counts toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! Experience all the exclusive Collector’s Edition extras! The Collector’s Edition includes:


[1] Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors (C.E.) - Oh, Stan, you daredevil.

Assemble the pieces of the note, starting from the pinned piece on the top left. Click on the sparkling bookcase to find the crank. Do the same with the blueberries to create a blue ribbon. Exit the close-up scene. The lower left of the game screen has a Task button to view the current task. Read it. Enter the code into the round frame above the mantlepiece. You may play this game in windowed or full screen mode. Open the drawer of the kitchen table. The buttons above the numbers will decrease a number, while the buttons below will increase a number. Navigating a Scene Clicking on the List button will switch to Inventory view. Look at the close-up of the snake charmer; look at his book.

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Take the 4 deflated tires around the room. When the couple unites, take the wedding ring that appears. Take the paper. This game is not timed. Align the planets. Assemble the puzzle. Place the cheese on the hook inside the cage. Rotate the discs to align the colored patterns and complete the Path To Success. Hint button works well. Insert the theater masks. Zoom in on the bottom right bucket and take the locket. Arrange the gears so that all are turning see solution below. Click the List button to toggle between List objects you need to find and Inventory items you have collected. Nertz Solitaire Turn on all 6 wall lamps.

TASK: Collect the mirror shard. Click on two containers to transfer wine from one to the other. Click on the mirror for a close-up view. TASK: Reassemble the note to read the message. Look at the close-up of the inflated tire along the back wall. Place the flowers on their matching silhouettes. When the chandelier falls, pick up the cannon ball. Use the ice axe on the tile with lighted spots from the telescope. I play search games a lot and this is one of the best. Left-click, hold and drag the fuses into position. The upper left piece is stationary, so it is best to start there. Cut a piece of the cheese and wurst sausage. Unlike Queen of Death, this game lacks a feeling of adventure and exploration. Look at the close-up of the barrel on the left.

Discover the secret of the flowers. Give the FIFE to the charmer. Click on the sparkling box to find a key. The horseshoe can found in a hidden object scene in the pile of books. TASK: Catch the mouse; add food to the trap.

Click on the sparkling desk. Rather than being able to explore many different locations at your own discretion, the game just proceeds from one room to the next room--first the hall, then the library, etc-- as you complete simple, self-contained tasks. Find the crowbar and blowtorch in the room. Collect the shard. Find the niches on the wall that correspond to the dates on the bottles, and put them in. Part of the fun of hog's is having to travel all over the map, finding and using items in obscure locations. On the bottom left is your Task button, which shows what you need to do. It has the numbers printed on it. Click on the round puzzle on the wall and insert the sun in the center. So instead of entering , enter 1, 7, 8, and 9. Collect the mirror shard and move forward. TASK: Find the secret place. Click on the sparkling area on the right for a hidden object scene.

Click on the sparkling area of vines to find the clippers. Click on the sparkling desk. Open the boarded up cupboard. TASK: Open the register. Take the red glove from the shelf and place it on the imprint on the floor tile. Remove the lid to the pot. Use the KEY on the keyhole. Take the knife on the table and use it to remove the key from the board. TASK: Open the safe; put the key in the safe. Click the map on the left chair to uncover the sun. Click on the cylindrical glass case. Look at the sparkling area on the desk for a hidden object scene. Examine the note on the bench.

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  1. Locate the hidden objects and the KEY. If you like the eerie feeling you get exploring a haunted house, then this is a great game to play. TASK: Find the recipe. Take the container of gas from the table and the wire cutters from the shelf.

  2. Click on the sparkling desk to find the matches. Look at the close-up of the globe. Crack the tile several times until the mirror shard is revealed.

  3. Look at the sparkling toy chest for a hidden object scene. This is a Simon Says game. Give him the flute. Feed it to the Venus Flytrap plant. Locate the hidden objects on the list and take the PUMP.

  4. If you are just beginning, this is a great game to start out with. The fly swatter will fall into your inventory automatically. Cut a hole in the bear and take the green key inside. Put all the images in their proper place.

  5. The ghost appears again to ell you your search is futile. You cannot place a larger ring on a smaller one. Place these on the mannequin. Click on his sheet music. The bottom center of the screen shows your current Inventory or item list.

  6. Repair the oven. It has the numbers printed on it. With the key, unlock the safe. Take the shard from within the safe and place it on the mirror. Click on the sparkling shoes to find the hidden hammer.

  7. Had a decent flow to the game and kept you interested. Take the JACK; place it under the car. Open the closet and get the rapier.

  8. Click anywhere to return to the wardrobe. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by kayiamtheb from It is a great game.. The horseshoe can found in a hidden object scene in the pile of books.

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