Committed: Mystery at Shady Pines

Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines finds you strapped to a bed inside of an abandoned hospital! Escape from Shady Pines and save the other patients! Explore the mysterious hospital and stop the psychotic doctor before it’s too late in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Navigate terrifying twists and survive special surprises as you solve challenging minigames and uncover the truth in Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines!


Committed: Mystery at Shady Pines - Ep4 - w/Wardfire

Also, the mini games are pretty cool, plus if you get stuck, the skip button is soon enough there so you can skip and don't get penalized or anything like some games. Go Right to the Second Floor Hallway. Click Down. A Quarter will be added to inventory. Zoom into the last Computer H ; turn the power on J. Go Left to get out of the Car. Zoom into the nightstand K for a HOS. Go to the Main Door N. Zoom into the Control Panel 2 and press the Up button. The pieces with tabs on the end are dead-end pieces used to seal off an opening. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by lochlommand from surprisingly good Bought this after reading others reviews, it has an interesting story and quite good graphics, some of the hidden objects are a devil to find, thank god for the hint button. A woman wakes up from a three year coma with no idea of who she is or how she got to be in a hospital. The text will also be written on the left page. Room is locked and you need an orange Keycard to open it. Go into Reception.

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Go Down four times to the Art Corner. For once, a developer created a truly Mahjong World game without demons, pentagrams, witches, monsters, etc. Go Up towards Room Turn on the Light Switch on the left wall. Go through the Grate into the Supply Room. It is empty. Click Down to the Back Hall. Then turn the handle on the switch for the Vial you want to send fluid to. Click on the Journal and listen to the Fourth Audiotape. Zoom into the Machine; collect the Vial. This information will be written to your Journal. Challenging, really has a eerie feel to it, not a lot of bling and no pets!! Click Upper Right towards the Bathroom. Click on your Journal and listen to Audiotape 5. Place the tableware exactly as shown in the screenshot.

To me, the main character sounds legitimately confused, and is believable. A man has taken Stephanie through the Blue Keycard Door. Set the 3. It is on the second shelf. There is an Arrow written on the Mirror. Just the right HO balance. There were a few times that required some backtracking to the complete other side of the building but I didn't mind. I loved the bonus chapter, that was great too. Zoom into the Machine A for a mini-game. Examine the Fire Extinguisher C. It is working now. I was a little confused at the end by the picture that she looked at on the wall, but maybe it will come to light in part 2?? Enter the Elevator and go to the second floor. Talk to the Doctor. You need to collect tableware.

The Alarm will go off. Definitely NOT for kids. Map is useful to see which room has new HO and active tasks, but not pickable objects. Zoom into the Machine again. So, any game that has a thought out story line Sbady a gem for me. If not, go Dolphin Dice Slots and check them now, then return to the Nurse Station Lobby at the end of the Main Hallway. The Pickaxe has a short handle. I hope you enjoy this game as much as Vagrant Hearts did. It Does Not hold your hand at all. Open the desk drawer. Fables of the Kingdom agree with what the others have said; this is a good, but not stellar game that trots out the well-used and sometimes abused Escape-the-Asylum plot. Zoom into the Fountain again for a HOS.

Zoom into the Basement Office Door. Go to the Garage to look for OIL. The Compass is silver. Watch the Cut Scene. Set the 3. Click on the Journal Icon F. Zoom into the Machine again. There was too much going back and forth Two floors, basement and outside and the "gray" of the entire setting seemed overdone. From the starting position: Set the 2. Go Left into the Treatment Room. You will automatically turn around and face the Lobby you just came from. Click on the Car several times to put Stephanie inside and zoom in.

Talk to the man. Set the 5. Really nice sound effects and characters' voices. Go forward once. The tapes were helpful, too. It is empty. Check the Map Icon M. The music goes well with the feel of the game. Play a mini-game which is similar to the one you played in Room ; except that this time there are two screens. Go Left as far as you can. Examine the Machine L. The graphics are pretty good, but could be better. Click on the Journal and listen to the Fourth Audiotape. Puzzles were good, mostly hard. It Does Not hold your hand at all.

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  1. Several new Active Areas are now available. The RING will be added to inventory. Click Up twice to enter the Garage. Enter the Garage. Just enjoy it.

  2. Zoom into the Faucet on the back wall. Click Upper right and go to the Basement Office Door. Solution: P1 4 clicks , P2 1 click , P3 2 clicks , P4 3 clicks.

  3. It has an awesome storyline that keeps you intersted that you just don't want to turn off the game. The Knife is a black scalpel. Room is locked and you need an orange Keycard to open it. Some details of the game are a little illogical e. You need to check all three sections of the Attic Room.

  4. It's worth taking a look at the free trial or playing with a Fun Pass account but I would not spend the money to purchase it. The only reason I didn't give this game 5 stars is because I didn't like the elevator aspect. Go to each Shadow and give them their nametag. Zoom into the Machine Room Door.

  5. You will automatically turn around and face the Lobby you just came from. Go into Room Return to the main scene. Click Up towards Room Return to the Machine Room in the Basement.

  6. The FUSE will be added to inventory. Click Down until you are back in the Patients Common Room. There is a Fountain on your right and the Garage up ahead. Go Down until you can see the Elevator.

  7. To move liquid from one vial to another, turn the handle on the switch for the Vial you want to take fluid from. Set the 3. I really like that in other games. The bonus chapter brought an interesting spin to the game.

  8. She is talking about a car crash. It was the kind of game that lets you feel like your actually going through it. Good story with a beginning middle and end. If not, you need to go back to the Garage and fix the Generator. Our solution is shown in the screenshot.

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